Board Members

Marc Frilet, LL.M (Aix-en-Provence) Paris, France

Personal Details Born in 1949 in Marseille, France
Education 1974-1945: Mc Gill University, Master’s degree in Law
1973: University of Aix-en-Provence, Master’s degree in Political Science
1972: University of Aix-en-Provence, Postgraduate degree in Business Law and DJCE
1971: University of Aix-en-Provence, Master’s degree in Law
Qualifications and Past Experience 1976–1998: Francis Lefebvre law Firm, Paris. Last position: Partner and head of division in charge of International Contracting, Project Finance including mining activities, Infrastructure, Concession, Alternative dispute Resolution and Arbitration.
Current Occupation Since 1998: Managing Partner, Frilet Société d’Avocats, Paris
Chair of the Management Committee of GcilA (Global construction and infrastructure legal Alliance), Vice-President of the French Institute of International Legal Experts (IFEJI), French Representative DRBF, Vice-chair of CICA PPP-Working Group, Co-promoter of UNECE International Centre of Excellence PPP Policies Law Institutions.
Expertise Large construction, infrastructure and mining projects in France and internationally, with a particular focus in developing countries, (majority Africa). Current work assignments: Private clients: preparation and negotiation of contracts and regulatory arrangements, litigation, negotiations with governments and multilaterals, conciliation and claims. Public clients: drafting of laws and standard contracts.
Selected Publications Marc has extensively written to advocate convergence between Civil Law and Common Law best practices, mostly on contractual matters due to its extensive experience of civil law and Common law countries. He has been closely involved in European Contract law proposals. Publications and conference papers include analysis of FIDIC suite in the Civil Law world, the public order principles superseding several key contract conditions in Napoleonic Civil Law countries, the benefit of an innovative European contract law approach, and optimization of ADR, DRB, arbitration proceedings in complex contracts, the conditions of success of Concession and PPP in LDCs etc..
Academic Activities Lectures on international Investment Law at University Paris Descartes and mining laws at l’Ecole des Mines.
My ICLA-Philosophy With over 30 years of experience of drafting and negotiating contracts and participating to complex projects in the infrastructure and mining sector internationally, both in Common Law and Civil Law countries, I am convinced that it is necessary to share much better best practices on regular basis with a view of achieving projects or contracts in accordance with initial expectations of stakeholders, notably on time and within budget. Exchanges and cross fertilization promoting standard and templates should play important role in optimizing legal resources for the satisfaction of all interested parties, more particularly in emerging economies and LDCs leading to enhanced North South relationships.