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Prof. Dr. Naoki Kanayama Japan

Personal Details Naoki Kanayama has been a professor of civil law at Keio University Law School since 2004. He teaches courses in contract law, arbitration, and French law. He has been a visiting professor at l'École Normale Supérieure de Paris (2006) and l'Université de Paris II (2008).
Education He holds a Doctorate in Law (Kyoto University, 1996)
He graduated from Doshisha University Faculty of Law (1977), and Graduate School of Law (1981), Knox College (Illinois, USA, 1982), before completing the Kyoto University Graduate School of Law doctoral program (1984), and was awarded the degree of DEA de droit privé from l'Université de Paris I (1987).
Qualifications and Past Experience Before joining the Keio University faculty, he was a professor of civil law at Himeji-Dokkyo University, and Hosei University. He also teaches at Waseda University (since 2003) as a part-time professor.
He was Boursier du Gouvernement français (1985-1988)
Current Occupation Keio University Law School
Expertise Contract law, Civil Law, French Law, Comparative Law, Arbitration Law, Global Law, Asian Contract Law
Selected Publications « Suppléments à Fenet, ou mieux comprendre le Code civil français de 1804 (I) », Himeji International Forum of Law and Politics, no 1, 1993, 85-204

"Japan," in: Ewoud H. Hondius (ed.), Extinctive Prescription / On the Limitation of Actions : Reports of the XIVth Congress, International Academy of Comparative Law (Athens, 31 July - 7 August 1994, Kluwer Law International, 1995, p. 229-248

« PACL (Principles of Asian Civil/Commercial Law) », Revue des contrats, 2010/3, p. 995-1006