February 2015 ICLA launch

The ICLA is delighted to announce its launch in February 2015 bringing together eminent international construction professionals from all disciplines, including, lawyers, engineers, barristers, quantity surveyors, judges and academics focused on bringing together all the families of law from around the globe and informing and debating on construction law issues.

Dr Wolfgang Breyer, Chairman of the ICLA, led the way in its creation and commented, “I am very pleased that the ICLA has finally kicked off. After many years of dealing with construction law in all parts of the world, it was becoming frustrating to see that there was next to little or no proper flow of

information or platform debating construction law issues between the different families of law. As an international construction lawyer this is critical because we must know how the mandatory law our project affects the contract – this is where all the music is played. Our board is the “A-grade” team in construction law and practice from Brazil through to China, all the right people to lead the way bringing together construction law globally”.

The ICLA is now open for membership to all people with an interest in construction law, particularly international. Please see the link