26 January 2017 *past* ICLA Biannual Seminar - “Managing Legal Risk to Minimise Disputes”

Following on from the success of the ICLA Inaugural Seminar in Paris, the ICLA is proud to present its bi-annual seminar, “Managing Legal Risk to Minimise Disputes” to be held on 26 January 2017 in Dubai, UAE. 

The ICLA bi-annual seminar, Dubai, will examine how legal risk can be managed to minimize disputes under different jurisdictions of Common and Civil law and also introduce multi-party partnering contract being used for minimizing disputes.

 Key topics covered ICLA Bi-annual Seminar, Dubai:

  • Standard problems in “big” construction
  • Overview of Contractor risks in GCC
  • Major legal risks from Common and Civil law perspective
  • Solutions for managing major risks and mandatory law
  • Multiparty partnering, solution for avoiding disputes?
  • FAC 1 – Framework Alliance Contract

Jurisdiction in ICLA Bi-annual Seminar covered include:

  • North American Common law
  • English Common law
  • Germanic Civil law
  • Napoleonic Civil law
  • GCC Civil law
  • Chinese Civil law
  • Russian Civil law and more

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Bi-annual Seminar details:

Conference Website:  http://conference2017.icl-assoc.com

Date: 26.01.2017

Time: 9:00am - 5:30pm

Location: The British University in Dubai, Dubai International Academic City, Block11, Dubai, UAE

For registration please contact Ms Karin Buthge on +49 711 341 8000 or info@breyer-rechtsanwaelte.de

*Please note seats are limited.