28-29 May 2019 6th ICLA Conference in Tokyo, Japan

Join us in Japan to expand your skills set, meet and engage thought-leaders, and to share ideas with construction and infrastructure professionals from around the globe! Attending the ICLA Tokyo Conference 2019 provides participants with the rare opportunity to compare and contrast the plethora of approaches to construction law found among a diverse range of legal jurisdictions and legal families (including Japanese Law, Brazilian Law, French Law, German Law, Chinese Law, American Law, English Law, etc.).  This year’s wide range of topics include:

International Construction Projects in Vietnam

Force Majeure from the Japanese Law Perspective

The Role of the Expert Witness in International Construction Disputes

Remedies After Taking Over Under FIDIC (continuing discussion based on the session at the ICLA Moscow Conference in 2018)

Contract Interpretation

and more...


In order to sign up, please see the ICLA Conference Website.

A schedule is available here.