Upcoming ICLA Symposium- 16 May 2024 - Copenhagen, Denmark 


Copenhagen Symposium 

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Update: IBDiC & ICLA International Conference 2023


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On 30th and 31st Agust 2023 the International Construction Law Association (ICLA) held, together with IBDiC, its annual conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. For more information click here.


Past ICLA Symposium in Stuttgart, Germany 20 February 2020



For more information on the ICLA Symposium in Stuttgart, please visit the Events Section


Past ICLA Conference in Tokyo, Japan 28-29 May 2019


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Established in May 2015, the International Construction Law Association works in bringing together all the families of law from around the globe and informing and debating comparatively on Construction Law issues.

Dr. Wolfgang Breyer led the initiative by gathering together leading lawyers, barristers, construction professionals, judges, academics, universities and institutions from around the globe specialising in International Construction Law.

The purpose of the ICLA better described under the Object of the ICLA’s Constitution:

The object of the Association is to establish a working Association for debating practical and academic comparative construction law issues between the different families (or jurisdictions) of law globally, in particular the common and civil law families (or jurisdictions), in order to foster an in-depth professional Association on transnational construction law facilitating the development of successful projects around the world and creating greater collaboration by means of meetings, lectures and study and research.

The ICLA works in co-operation with the reputable Centre of Construction Law, King’s College London (UK), Peking Law School (China), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), British University in Dubai (UAE) and Melbourne University (Australia).

The ICLA welcomes new members with both individual and corporate membership available. For more information on membership see “Members”.

Construction projects have become increasingly international with stakeholders in the construction process coming from all parts of the world. Despite living in the “information age”, one key problem stakeholders face is the large information gap on Construction Law between the legal systems of countries and, at a higher tier, between the different families of law. Additionally, stakeholders are not fully aware of how international construction contracts operate under the mandatory law of a country. The ICLA will provide the solution to these (and other) issues faced by lawyers, academics, judges and construction professionals, leading the way in bridging the gap between countries and the families of law.


ICLA Conference - 16-17 October 2018, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

ICLA Conference - 21 October 2017, Peking University Law School, Beijing, China

ICLA Conference - 01 March 2017, King's College, London, United Kingdom

ICLA Seminar – 26 January 2017, British University in Dubai, Dubai, UAE

SCL 2016 – Sixth Society of Construction Law Biennial Conference, 13-15 September, Sao Paulo, Brazil
For more information: http://scl2016.com/